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Tape Transfer

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Video Transfer

We transfer your VHS & VHS-C (PAL ONLY) tapes to DVD. If you would like copies of those DVDs, we do that too. (We do not transfer the U.S.A. "NTSC" version VHS tapes.)

Upscale to HD

(available on a Blu-ray or hard drive, only)

We now offer up-scaling of your SD video tapes to HD video! This upscale makes your video look less jagged-edged and a bit sharper, but do not expect miracles. When it comes to video tape transfers, one can only improve SD material by so much. If you want this HD upscale option, just select either a Blu-ray or HD file on the next page. Note that some Blu-ray players and SmartTVs, equipped with a USB port, will be able to read these files and play them back, in the comfort of your living room.

vhs vhs-c minDV dvc hi8 video 8 digital 8 vhs vhs-c minDV dvc hi8 video 8 digital 8Let us help you determine what type of tape you have and if we can transfer it for you: click here

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We also transfer audio cassette tapes and DAT (44.1k and 48k) tapes

IMPORTANT: Please send us your family's memories. We do not transfer material with a Copyright, unless you own the copyright and provide proof.

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